Meet the Team

We recognize that all of our patients are unique and deserve to receive orthodontic care that reflects their individual needs. Our experienced and talented team is committed to working with you and your family to create a comfortable, stress-free, and rewarding orthodontic experience every time you visit our practice. We are pleased to welcome you and your family, and we look forward to working with you.

Jill    Business Manager

I've been with Prairie View since the beginning. I enjoy working with all of our patients and their families. We have such a caring and friendly environment here at Prairie View Orthodontics, and I’m sure you’ll love it here as much as we all do!

I have two grown children, and three wonderful grandchildren. I love spending time with my grandchildren. I am active, and love to be outdoors.

Vicki   Office Manager

I joined the Prairie View family in 2003. I love orthodontics because every treatment is unique and tailored to meet the needs of each individual patient. Customer Service is my number one goal. We have an amazing staff here at PVO! 

I am married to my wonderful and supportive husband Rick, we have an awesome son,Lane, and 2 adorable dogs named Macie and Moxie. When I'm not at work, I love attending concerts, spending time with my son, and volunteering for his school functions.

Nancy    Front Desk Admin

I joined the team at Prairie View Orthodontics in 1998. I enjoy working with all of our patients and their families, and knowing that everybody who comes into our practice is going to leave feeling happier and more confident because of the care they receive. Our doctors and staff are very well-trained and do excellent work. We all enjoy working together for the benefit of our patients.

I am an Illinois native, and my husband, Chuck, and I have two grown children, and four wonderful grandchildren. Since I work part time, and I enjoy the extra time with my grandchildren, gardening, and traveling.

Shirley    Front Desk Admin

I have been working at Prairie View Orthodontics since 2007, and I love getting to know all of our patients and their families. My job makes me the happiest when I get to see all of the self-confidence and wonderful smiles that our patients have after their treatment is complete.

I am originally from Mississippi, and my husband, Paul, and I have four beautiful daughters. When I am away from the practice, I enjoy gardening, sewing, and working on the costume committee for Spotlight Youth Theater.

Rose     Front Desk Admin

All the smiling faces is what I love most about orthodontics! I have been working in the orthodontic field since 2004, and I have never met a smile that I didn’t like! With all the smiles we share, Prairie View Orthodontics is a wonderful, encouraging, positive environment that reflects back to our patients and parents.

My husband, Jack, and I have four children and 15 grandchildren. We treasure every second of our family time. We have a Yorkie named Marley who is like one of our kids, too. We have a 65 Mustang and enjoy classic car shows. We spend a lot of time on the softball and T-ball field with our grandchildren.

Jane     Lab Technician

I have been with Prairie View Orthodontics since 1995, working as a lab technician. I love the challenges of making special retainers, and knowing that I am helping our patients achieve a beautiful smile and confidence that will last forever. After working here for 20 years, this office has really become my second home, and my coworkers are like my family.

My husband and I have been married for five years and have 22 grandchildren between us. He was a produce manager for 37 years and is now retired and painting homes inside and out, doing yard work, and taking care of our home. In my spare time, I enjoy jewelry making, crocheting, and cross stitch. I have made cross stitch quilts and crochet blankets for all 22 grandchildren!

Maria   Front Desk Admin/Clinical Staff Manager

I have worked in the field of orthodontics at Prairie View Orthodontics for more than 20 years. To this very day, I still enjoy knowing that what we do at our practice makes a difference in our patients’ lives by giving them a beautiful smile and helping them gain better self-confidence. After all these years, the doctors, my teammates, and our patients have become like my second family.

When I’m away from the practice, I enjoy spending time around the warm smiles of my family and friends. My husband, Tito, and I have two daughters Nataly and Dani, and a cat. We like watching football and hockey or just being outside having fun.

Sara     Dental Assistant/Records Technician

I Joined the Prairie View Orthodontics team in 1999, and for the past six years, I have enjoyed seeing the transformations of our patients from before they begin their treatment to the moment their braces are removed. I love being able to help our patients achieve a new smile and a lifetime of confidence.

In my free time, I enjoy listening to music and spending time with my husband and my puppy, Chuy. I also like watching movies.

Angelica  Dental Assistant/Lab Assistant

I always try to put a smile on people’s faces, so working in orthodontics has been a wonderful career! I love knowing that I played a part in creating beautiful smiles for our patients. Dr. Zimmer and Dr. John are so understanding and have welcomed me into their practice with open arms. My awesome coworkers really make me feel like family.

I love spending time with my husband of 13 years and our three children. I enjoy occasional picnics and movie dates with them, and most of all, spending time with my parents and siblings.

Andie   Dental Assistant/Records Technician

I began my dental career in 1984 as a dental assistant in the US Air Force. I joined the Prairie View Orthodontics team in 2011 and truly love it here. The doctors are friendly and respectful—they are always encouraging us in order to expand our abilities. Through their patience and guidance I have excelled. This team-centered attitude establishes an enjoyable work environment where we support each other with kindness and respect, bringing about a welcoming, fulfilling environment.

I've been married for 26 years and have three children. I enjoy hiking, running, reading, gardening, and spending time with my family.

Yvette    Dental Assistant/Records Technician

I enjoy learning many different techniques in orthodontics, and since working for Dr. Zimmer and Dr. Lippincott, I have been able to expand on my knowledge with Invisalign® and Damon® Smile to better assist patients on their way to a great smile. The best part of orthodontics is seeing the transformation of our patients and the happiness it brings them and their family. I enjoy our staff and the positive energy we bring to our patients in the practice.

My husband and I take joy in spending time with family and friends.

Olga   Dental Assistant/Records Technician

I love working in orthodontics! Every day, it amazes me what I learn. I am a people person so patients are my favorite part of my job! Both doctors have been so kind to me that I feel like I have been here forever. Each of my teammates are completely different, but that's what makes them special!

I have two wonderful sons, John and Justin, and a great dog. I enjoy crafts, cross stitching, and planning parties.  I never say no to helping someone in need. I have been blessed even though I've suffered through many tragedies. I believe God has helped me through all this and I know he has blessed me with this wonderful job!

Tabitha    Front Desk Admin

From the front desk here at Prairie View Orthodontics, I have the opportunity to work with a variety of people and excellent staff. It is rewarding to see the changes in patients and watching them walk out of our office smiling.

My husband and I have been married since 1996 and have four awesome children (two boys and two girls) and one granddaughter. My children’s sports and events are our life; it's such a joy to be able to participate in all their events. 

Sandra   Front Desk Admin

I recently joined Prairie view Orthodontics. I love being a part of this family. I enjoy seeing how the entire staff plays a part in each patient's journey to acheive a beautiful smile.

I have three beautiful kids, named Rey, Ruby, and Rosalie.  We have three dogs that we treat like family.  My husband and I love gathering the family to be together as much as possible.