MARA Bite Corrector

The M.A.R.A. (Mandibular Anterior Repositioning Appliance) is a bite corrector used to address severe bite problems and jaw imbalances in growing children.  This appliance works by moving the upper teeth backward and the lower jaw and lower teeth forward.  A major advantage of the appliance is that it is attached to the teeth and remains inside the mouth so it is not visible, unlike traditional headgear that can be self conscious to wear.

Before the M.A.R.A. appliance is placed, braces are used to initially align the teeth and begin the bite correction process.  The M.A.R.A. is then used along with braces until the bite problem is corrected, typically 12 months.  Once the M.A.R.A. is no longer needed, it is removed and the braces remain on the teeth to finish the details of treatment and ensure the correction is stable, another 6 months.  Many of our patients have total treatment times of close to 24 months when using the M.A.R.A.